Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Press Release: The Unmasking book cover reveal.

Press Release: Book Cover Reveal 

Aug. 23, 2017
The Unmasking

It is with great honor to have the privilege to announce that the art work for the book cover for the highly anticipated true story by Jesus "Eddie" Campa titled "The Unmasking"  has been completed.  In a couple of weeks we will send out another press release with the date and time of the revealing of the book cover art work.  We have included a few samples of the great work Rick Noriega has done in the past.  

Jesus "Eddie" Campa has chosen International Artist Rick Noriega's art work for the first cover of the book.  Campa stated, "With all the buzz and excitement that the book has generated in today's political climate I am excited to showcase the talents of another Latino.  Rick has been featured on the covers of many books, and is highly respected in the industry."  

"The fact that the book is based on the fact that racism is still alive and that anyone can be a target it was important to showcase the many talents of the Latino culture. This is why we changed publishers, distributors, and marketing teams."  

The reveal of the art work will be held in a couple of weeks and we will follow up with information as it is made available.  The Unmasking is one of those stories that is going to bring the truth to the front and shake the core foundation of all involved.  

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