Monday, July 10, 2017

Houston police officers narrowly avoid gunfire, arrest two By Margaret Kadifa

Houston police officers narrowly avoid gunfire, arrest two

Two people are behind bars after shots were fired early Monday at an unmarked Houston police car in the Greater Third Ward.

In mid-morning, a SWAT team descended on a home in the 2100 block of Sampson, off the Gulf Freeway, from which at least one person is believed to have fired at the unmarked car.
No one was inside the home, but a member of the SWAT team spotted bullet casings on the porch of the house. HPD officers will continue to gather evidence throughout the morning, the member said.
The gunfire started about 3 a.m., said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

An officer inside of the unmarked car, which belonged to the Houston Police Department's newly formed Criminal Apprehension Team, was conducting surveillance in the neighborhood, Acevedo said.

Bullets narrowly missed a police officer. One hit the driver's seat, inches from where the officer sat.
The entire left side of the car was riddled with bullet holes, Acevedo said.

At least two people who were inside the house then tried to flee south on the Gulf Freeway. Several other patrol units joined the chase. Shortly after, officers arrested both people, Acevedo said.
None of the officers involved in the arrest -- including the officer who was targeted -- returned fire, which Acevedo called "an illustration of the professionalism of our men and women."

"This morning, you saw the courage of the men and women of the Houston Police Department," he said.

Police did not release the suspects' names immediately.

Acevedo created the Criminal Apprehension Team last spring in an effort to curtail crime in the city. The investigative unit works undercover in high crime areas throughout Houston, said Department spokesman Victor Senties.

Godofredo Vasquez contributed to this report.

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