Thursday, July 27, 2017

Editorial: Enemies and Cowards by Sam Hutch

The perception that political enemies are human, too, sharing our common human hopes and uncertainties, conquests and weaknesses, is often deployed in a way to downplay political division and enmity. In reality, though, the fact that our enemies are human, too, is what makes them morally accountable. If they were inhuman monsters who thrived on death and suffering, then we would expect nothing of them but hostility. The fact that they share our common humanity, that they have experienced love and pain and disappointment and satisfaction just like us, is what makes it so intolerable that they would, for instance, vote to tear down the  people’s dreams for a better quality of life brought to them by the people sworn to protect them.  With no plausible narrative for why such a thing is beneficial as public policy or even as an act of political expediency other than to cover up the actions of a few bad seeds planted within the system and a mayor who is a coward. 

 The fact that Lucifer would get up off his pedestal to participate in this cruel farce that played out in this town does not make him a hero, it makes him what he is the Devil. Without a valid excuse to do so but to keep his grasp on this town located in the so called Bible belt where religion is based on hypocrisy and there is only one skin tone that matters.  Indeed, Lucifer had a perfectly valid excuse to destroy the great work that was being created.  You see misery enjoys the company and this town has been engulfed by misery. Lucifer’s need for this town seat altogether was to keep his grasp on the mess of this ignorant town. What he chose to do was completely gratuitous and cruel, which is comprehensible only as an attempt to bask in the favor of a bunch of simple minded corrupt sheepdog’s adoration one last time. This shows that Lucifer is no God, as his motivation for adoration is human, and that’s what makes it morally blameworthy.  He is a human creature who fed on the praise and threats of none powerful association of false prophets that promised not to revile his secret of cheating on his wife and doing drugs all while being escorted by those wolves in Sheepdog clothing.  Lucifer could write it off as a survival instinct; however, he and his cohort lost their election.

Since he is a human being with human moral agency, we are entitled to our equally human moral judgment. And in my judgment, which is my right as a human being, Mayor EN is an evil but cowardly man and anyone who helped him in his cover up is just as unfortunate to end up in his current medical condition.  The fact that those involved are so blinded by their dislike for the brown sheepdog that was sent to elevate their success is just further proof of how ignorant these fallen angels truly are.   To distract from all the good that was being created to unite a community that had fallen on rough times due to the roots of the town that can be traced back to a Lead Sheepdog who supported and advocated for the dislike of those of a different skin tone.  Yet those Fallen Sheepdogs have the nerve to say that they are offended when they are called racist.  Not all the Sheepdogs there are racist but about 90% of them and the fact is they are fools at best and are fellow villains at worst.

Yes, our enemies are human. That’s what makes them enemies. That’s why their actions are unacceptable — because they are just like us. If we can make the morally right choice, so can they. And they have not.  This is just a sample of the writings of the upcoming soon to be released best seller titled “The Unmasking”.   “Remember your enemies are human too”,” An und für sich (x)

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