Thursday, June 29, 2017

The farewell for Chief Jesus Eddie Campa by Sam Hutch

Dr. Blackburn wishes Chief Jesus Eddie Campa a fond farewell.  

Chief Jesus Eddie Campa served the community of Marshall like no other Police Chief ever has.  In the following posts, you will see just what the community had to say about him and how they felt about him.  

I read a post from one of Chief Campa's former employees where she claims that the Chief suffers from narcissistic qualities.  She states this after reading a bio written by Chief Campa about himself because he was asked to write it for an award he was going to receive.  She said that if what he states on his bio was true other people would be the ones saying it.  So I guess here you go, former employee and victim.  I would expect a full retraction on your blog.  

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