Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sam Hutch joins the staff at La Verda de parte de Jesus Campa

We would like to welcome Sam Hutch to our staff of writers and contributors.  Sam is going to help us with our major upcoming project that is in the works.  Many of you already know what the project is and we look forward to bringing it to you.  

Sam Hutch comes on staff with Jesus Eddie Campa

Sam Hutch was born in Tampa Florida in 1959 and has worked for the New York Times and the Boston Globe.  Sam now calls Tucson, Arizona home, and loves to visit Mexico.  Sam is an award-winning investigative reporter who played a significant role in the findings of the actual story behind Alfonso Bullard in 2000.  Sam has since retired and has picked up many hobbies one of those hobbies includes learning and writing about people he finds fascinating.  I do this for fun and kicks.  The actual story you are about to become part of is one like no other

I met Campa in December of 2015 while in El Paso for the Sun Bowl game.  We started talking, and he shared the history of El Paso with me.  I left, and like any writer, I did a little follow up on him and found a real hero in him.  After uncovering and finding some of the silly stories about him I started to think about the possibility of a great book that could be written about the adventures he has had in the past 23 years.  I ask that you follow us on this blog as we explore the history of El Paso, Marshall, Odessa, St. Petersburg, and many other places I have heard stories about involving Jesus.  

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