Saturday, May 13, 2017

Your enemies will scream fire, when they see your success

No one ever said life would be easy.  Nothing in life worth having comes easy.  Life is like the ocean, there are times that it is calm and peaceful.  Other times it’s choppy, and others it’s just downright rough and filled with waves.  I have chosen to embrace the waves that life rolls at me as I pursue my dreams. In life you will find many people that will attempt to keep you from achieving your dreams. 

They will spread lies about you; they will hide behind a blog and write stories about you that they cannot verify.  They will contact media outlets and try to pitch their version of a story to them, and finally, one tabloid conspiracy website will take what they say and print a story about the lies they speak.  These people are cowards and don’t have the talent, education, will, integrity, or values to get to the same place you’re at.  Remember that many people will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.  

In an attempt to put those people that wonder and question if I have ever been detained I say this to you.  I, Jesus “Eddie”Campa have never been arrested, indicted, questioned by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency, or taken into custody

I write this in an attempt to be as transparent as possible.  I have chosen a path in life that will always place a bull’s eye on my back.  I live by the core values and ethics that my mother and grandmother taught me.  Respect yourself to respect others, help others, study hard, work hard, love your family, and place God above everything else.  

When you surf through life you learn never to look back at the wave that you’re riding.  If you do you will lose your balance, and the foresight of what is in front of you.  Keep your feet planted on the board, look forward, learn from the wave, and most of all enjoy the ride.  


Chief of Police 

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DUSTER: For Marshall's loss of Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa, who has made real strides against crime in that Harrison County city since coming to East Texas in 2014. As is often the case with strong leaders, Campa's efforts apparently rubbed some in his command the wrong way but we doubt his resignation had anything to do with complaints filed against him by an Austin-based organization that represents police officers. If it did, we are sorely disappointed in the Texas Municipal Police Association for shirking its duty by not following them up now that he's resigned. Good luck, chief, and thank you.