Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office investigator put on leave on allegations of inappropriate text messaging

RICHMOND (KRON) — KRON is learning more about the alleged relationship between Celeste Guap and Rick Orozco, the investigator from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office now on leave as a result of theOakland police sex scandal case.
On Thursday, the now 18-year-old woman at the center of the scandal texted KRON’s Haaziq Madyun some details about her alleged connection to the district attorney’s investigator.
Celeste Guap would not talk on camera, but throughout the day, she and Haaziq have been texting. And what she told Haaziq was sexually graphic about her online messages with Orozco. Their communications were private on Facebook Messenger. Guap sent KRON a copy of the message on Thursday morning. It was too explicit for TV, but it involved a sex act. Haaziq asked what sparked the suggestive language. She replied via text, “Well based on the photos I had just sent him.”
Haaziq asked, “Nude photos?”
“Yeah, lol,” Guap said.
On Wednesday, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’ Malley placed Orozco on administrative leave. His connection to the self-described call girl is now under investigation.
Orozco, a former OPD officer of 28 years, retired in 2015 before joining the D.A.’s office. According to Guap, she and Orozco had a sexting relationship while she was underage.
When Haaziq asked to see more messages from Orozco she said, “I think that’s all I have but we started sexting when I was 17 lol. He’s so handsome. For a 50-year-old.”
It may have been flattering talk like that that motivated the retired OPD captain to engage in such risky and potentially illegal behavior. KRON broke the news about Orozco being placed on leave Wednesday night, which prompted a statement from the district attorney, reading in part:
“The District Attorney’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct involving police officers at multiple East Bay law enforcement agencies. While the investigation remains active, we will not comment on details or findings. However, we would like to make known certain facts. On Wednesday, June 15, an inspector in the district attorney’s office was put on administrative leave.”
KRON is still trying to reach Orozco directly to hear his side of the story.
Several weeks ago, Guap told Haaziq that she’s had sex with dozens of officers from law enforcement agencies across the Bay Area, maybe even some out of state.
Orozco is just the latest person to be investigated for his alleged connection to this sex scandal that seems to expand almost daily.

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