Friday, May 27, 2016

MPD K9 Officers recieve award from American Kennel Club

Marshall Police Canines Amor, Polux and Zorro were recognized by the American Kennel Club.
AKC’s Canine Officer Program honors dogs who work with government agencies including police, military,
border patrol, TSA and more.
Each dog that is selected for the program is awarded a certificate of appreciation and is offered free registration with the AKC.
All three Canine Officers were nominated for this honor by the Caddo Kennel Club located in East Texas.
Each dog was selected and received a certificate of appreciation on May 6 at the AKC Rally Show in Marshall at the city arena.
Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa would like to recognize these canine officers as well. Chief Campa stated “These canines should be recognized for the hard work, commitment and sacrifice they make daily to our community. These canines are constantly working hard to better serve their community. When these Canines are not patrolling the streets they are training to sharpen or improve their skills”.

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