Sunday, May 15, 2016

Internet Purchase Safe Zone

The Marshall Police Department is offering people who buy and sell items online a public place for them to safely complete their transactions. 
The department this week set aside 2 spaces in the public parking lot at 2101 East End Blvd. North as Internet purchase exchange locations. In a statement, Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa says the spaces are in a well-lit area with 24-hour recorded surveillance video
"Officers will not be assigned to monitor or facilitate these transactions," the police chief's statement says. "But there usually are officers close by, which should deter any would-be thieves."
As for those unwilling to meet in the Police Department's parking lot, Campa says, any reluctance by a buyer or seller  should be taken as a warning about the legitimacy of the deal. 
"A buyer/seller who will communicate only through email and will not provide a telephone number or attempts to make a last-minute change in venue should raise a red flag and you should walk away."
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