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Marshall Police officers commended after saving driver from flooded ravine

Marshall Police officers commended after saving driver from flooded ravine

Posted: Dec 28, 2015 11:22 AM CSTUpdated: Dec 28, 2015 11:22 AM CST

MARSHALL (KYTX) – Two Marshall Police officers are being recognized as MVP’s after rescuing a trapped motorist in a ravine.
On December 27th, 2015 at approximately 7:18pm, Officers Cory Adkinson and Jose Burciaga were dispatched to the area of W.Pinecrest and Loop 390 in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. 
Upon arrival, they found a vehicle that had left the roadway and rolled over into a ravine leaving the driver trapped inside.
Due to the severe weather, the ravine was flooded with fast moving water, which was quickly rising.  With disregard for their own personal safety, both Officers jumped into the ravine in an attempt to save the driver.  The driver was trapped and disoriented.
The water level inside the vehicle was rising quickly and Officers were able to free the driver, who was upside down, before she was completely submerged. Officers were then assisted by the Marshall Fire Department in removing the driver from the wreckage.
Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa would like to acknowledge the quick thinking and brave actions that both Officer Adkinson and Burciaga exhibited, which prevented further injury and possibly loss of life.
 “Officers Adkinson and Burciaga displayed a great amount of courage in this situation and serve as an inspiration to all here at the Police Department. These Officers are prime examples of what it means to be a Police Officer, by exhibiting bravery and courage when faced with an extremely stressful situation.
 It is with great honor that I name Officer Cory Adkinson and Officer Joes Burciaga as this week’s MVP’s”.
Officer Adkinson, and Officer Burciaga who are currently assigned to the Patrol Bureau and are both highly motivated and knowledgeable Officers and excel in each task that is put before them no matter how difficult it may seem.

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