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Build Trust through building transparency with the Media... By Jesus Eddie Campa

You will always here police chief’s talk about transparency.  Many of them talk about it because it is the word that is currently trending in today’s police world.  I pride myself in running a very transparent police department.  I think that having the open working relationship that we have with the media has been a great benefit for us.  When I arrived I was told that the media did not think highly of our agency.  After meeting with several of them I discovered that they in fact did not have a high opinion of the Marshall PD.  As it is important to have the trust of the community, it is just as important to have an open line of communication and build trust with today’s media.  In a time where the media is quick to highlight any short coming or misconceived notion that a police officer commits, it is vital to have a transparent relationship with the media that serves our community.  Now I am not saying to go out and become their best friends, but make sure to keep them in the loop.  Get information out there so there is no perception of mistrust or that you are hiding something. 
This is why I hosted the 2nd Annual Media day luncheon at the MPD.  This gives me the opportunity to invite the media to our Head Quarters.  During their visit we give them a tour of the facility and show them the day to day operations of the PD.  We also provide them with some great demonstrations from our SWAT and K-9 units.  Then we settle in for a nice catered lunch, along with a Q&A session.  The media truly appreciates this and we enjoy building a bridge that brings us together.  The following is a story that was written by Kelly Colvin of KSLA. 
                                             Marshall, Tx. police host media day event

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 4:45 PM CSTUpdated: Nov 28, 2015 12:17 AM CST
By Kelly Colvin

Marshall, Texas, Police Chief Eddie Campa briefs media representatives (Kelly Colvin/KSLA News 12)
Marshall police hosted a media day event Friday to demonstrate some of their tactics used in certain situations.
Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa said he wanted to hold the event to build relationships with representatives of the media, thanking them for their efforts in helping police get much-needed information to the public.
As part of the event, members of Marshall PoliceDepartment's SWAT team and K-9 units demonstrated several scenarios police face while on duty.
Officers with the special response team demonstrated a traffic stop in which the SWAT team had to be called in to assist in getting the "suspect" out of the vehicle. Officers with the K-9 unit also showed how the dogs check a vehicle where drugs are suspected to be present.
Campa explained that the department's canine officers no longer scratch on the spot of the vehicle where drugs are suspected but rather simply lie down as their signal.
K-9 Officer Amor showed off his skills at taking down a suspect. For demonstration purposes, Capt. Best was the "suspect." Wearing a special protective sleeve, Best endured Amor's vicious bites. But after it was over and the sleeve came off, Amor showed a softer side to Best.
Campa answered numerous questions, including queries about the department's new campaign No Colors, No Labels.
It's an initiative to education and promote positive relationships between citizens and erase preconceived notions that all police are racially motivated, according to the department. 
The campaign implemented by Campa involves grass-roots educational and social media campaigns.
While explaining his idea, Campa used as examples several instances in which he said he had been racially profiled. 
The initiative's mission is to stop hate, promote diversity, eliminate prejudices and advocate safe, inclusive communities for all.

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