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By Jade Cunningham |
Published 08/19 2015 10:09PM
Updated 08/19 2015 10:36PM

                    Chief Jesus Eddie Campa  that is!!!

Marshall's Police Chief celebrates one year on the job.
However, are the changes he says he's making felt within the community?
Jesus 'Eddie'Campa spent years as Chief Deputy at the El Paso County Sheriff's Department.
He became Marshall's Police Chief on August 18th, with big ideas.
"A lot of people say we've done more things in one year than in the last ten years," said Campa.
When Police Chief, Jesus 'Eddie' Campa' came to Marshall, Texas, things changed.
"Restructuring of the police department, the internal morale of officers, the relationship between the community was stagnant," Campa said. "There were some issues there we needed to address quickly."
Now, one year later, he sees improvement.
"It's been busy, it's been a learning experience," he said.
One of his biggest accomplishments, reducing crime.
"During the first four months I was here," Campa said. "I helped lower the crime rate by 20%. Criminals know that this is no longer a safe haven for them to hang out, so we're making Marshall a better place and providing a better life for citizens."
He says that number continues to fall because his officers are proactive in the community and the residents are proactive as well.
With those two groups working together, it's helping make Marshall stronger.
Some in Marshall agree.
"This area was in need of a person to come in and make drastic changes," said Demetria McFarland with Marshall Against Violence. "I think a lot of people see he's really man of his word and they know there are actions to what he's saying. A lot of people have second thoughts on doing anything they can't get away with."
Campa says there's work to be done.
"We still have a long way to go as far as building the community trust to where I'd like it to be," he said.
And some are ready to stand with him and help.
"If the next year is like how the past year's been, Marshall will be a city that's truly and All-American city," said McFarland.
The Marshall Police Department was also one of the first in EastTexas to start using body cameras.
That's something Campa is proud of.
Some things he plans to continue over the next year is to fully staff the police department, continue reducing crime and continue building community trust with programs like 'No Colors, No Labels.'

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