Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Strange Story of No Color No Labels. By Ricardo Munoz

MISSION STATEMENT: No Colors, No Labels is an initiative, implemented by the Marshall Police Department, Marshall, Texas, to stop hate, promotes diversity, eliminates prejudices and advocates safe, inclusive communities for all.
STRATEGY: The NCNL’s approach is based on the idea that real change and community growth can occur once all precedence of past judgments, prejudices and labeling are taken out of the equation. Through NCNL, we will focus on creating a community where all residents stand together to stop hate, promote diversity and acceptance for all, to prevent intolerance and eliminate preconceived notions that police are racially-motivated. Lastly, NCNL will strive to promote a community where residents and law enforcement will join forces to prevent and eradicate crimes.
HOW: By launching awareness campaigns through the use of social media and grassroots’ efforts, NCNL will incorporate meetings, open discussions and events to involve the community as a whole to make these changes. A steering committee, made up of a group of diverse individuals from varying areas of the community, will plan and facilitate these endeavors.
VISION: NCNL is committed to working ethically, honestly, with transparency, and with an anti-prejudicial approach to end labeling, to delete social and economic barriers that keep the citizens of Marshall apart and to promote collaboration. Developed after Marshall Police Department’s Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa visited with a group during a celebration of ‘Black History Month,’ NCNL is about promoting one community.
PARTNERS: To partner with NCNL, contact Becky Holland, Marshall Police Department PIO/Accreditation Coordinator, at (903) 935-4543 or holland.becky@marshalltexas.net.

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