Monday, July 13, 2015

Social Media leads Marshall PD to theft arrests! by Olivia Levoy

Social media played an integral role in the recent arrests of two suspects wanted in conjunction with the theft of a 30 pack of beer, a four pack of wine coolers and a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade from a Marshall convenience store.
Raul Cardenas Olivarria, 19, and Pedro Silva, 18, both of Marshall, were arrested July 13, on organized retail theft charges by the Marshall Police Department.
On Thursday, July 9, MPD released photos of the two men from security cameras at the Circle K on SH-59 and Poplar St. via social media seeking the identification of the men. The photos received more than 5,000 views. Within a 24 hour period, the MPD received numerous calls regarding the identity of the men. This led to the suspects being called in for questioning by MPD. After which, a warrant was obtained for their arrest. 
Both men turned themselves in Monday.
“First, I would like to say thank you to the community for assisting us with identifying the individuals responsible for this particular incident," Captain David Reaves said. "Without the assistance from the community, this case would have taken much longer to solve. The use of social media has really helped us conclude several investigations.”
“Sometimes as an officer you feel that you are the only one who cares, but when you see the amount of response we received on our request for assistance through our social media outlets, you realize that the community is just as concerned as our officers,” Reaves said, “It is a great feeling when you see that you are not in this alone. We want those who do not respect the rights of others to realize that it is not just the police you have to worry about, you have a whole city watching, and willing to bring those in the wrong to justice.”
Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa, said, “This arrest was made possible by a joint effort by the community and our detectives. Social media, when used correctly, can be an effective tool in crime prevention for the community. The Marshall Police Department will continue to use every available resource, including social media, to fulfill our responsibility of keeping Marshall safe.” 
Both men who were arrested were transported to the Harrison County Jail Monday morning.