Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NCNL by Jesus "Eddie" Campa

The past few months have been very rough on the relationships between the police and communities around the country.   When I arrived to Marshall, Texas I was warned of the racial tensions in the city.  One of my main objectives when I first arrived was to make sure that we had a community that could come together regardless of color or race.  I think we have been doing a great job of bridging the gaps between all of us.  I was seeing things come together as our great community seemed to be getting closer as one.  In the past few weeks the country has seen some pretty questionable acts by men sworn to protect us and up hold the law.  I have also seen many citizens making up excuses for their behavior and blaming it on racial issues.  We are lucky here in Marshall; so far, we have not been affected to the extent as some other cities have been.  I would like to remind everyone that it is now 2015 and there is no place for racism of any kind in this world.  I believe now is the time to come together as human beings and citizens of Marshall to make a change in our society.  We need to unit and find a solution to putting an end to violence, crime, bullying, lower jail recidivism, and turn our community into a better place to live.
It is my nature not to sit around and not do anything when I see injustice or things that I care about take a turn for the worse.  I have spent the past few weeks thinking of a way to change this.  Some of you have heard about my “I have a dream, too” speech.  One of my hero’s has always been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  this great man had a dream, and that dream has come so far, but it’s not complete yet.  Just as Dr. King had a dream, I too have a dream that someday we will not look at each other as a color, or as a race, or be slapped with a label to identify us.  I dream of a day where we won’t be celebrating a month of a certain color, or a month of certain race.  I dream of a day where we won’t look at a person’s economic status, political affiliation, or sexual preference and label them with some label.  I dream of a day where we will celebrate what we are and that is a human being.  I have a dream that one day we will accept the fact that we were created by one.   I have a dream that one day we will look at each other and accept one another in that manner that it was intended since the beginning of time. The only way to make that dream come true for all of us is to stop looking at each other as a color or as a label.
I have decided to take the next step in making this dream come true.  As of today I am introducing the No Color, No Label Initiative.  I am asking anyone that is interested in becoming part of the NCNLI to like this post and share it with others.  I am sure you’re wondering   just what the NCNLI is.  This Initiative is designed to gather members of all aspects in our community to come together and share ideas on how we can move closer to becoming one united community.  I am looking for community leaders, business leaders, church leaders, school leaders, city and county leaders, and members of law enforcement to come together in a way never before seen here in Marshall, Texas to put an end to racism, labeling, violence, crime, bullying, and move Marshall to the next level.  NCNLI is going to be an initiative like no other.  If this sounds like something you would want to be part of like this post and share it with others you think may be interested.  It’s time to take a stand; it’s time to make a difference, its time! Stay tuned for more information.

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