Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa : Why three names?

From the Longview News Journal, May 30, 2015
Q: Why does the Marshall paper always have to refer to their police chief by his first name, nickname and then his last name. Why not just say "Chief Eddie Campa?"
A: The newspaper follows that style by the chief's request.
Marshall News Messenger News Editor Cait Shields said the chief's first name is "Jesus," but many people call him "Eddie." The newspaper used just that name, "Eddie" a few times, but the chief called and requested the paper use his full name, including his nickname.
The newspaper obliged. See? Journalists are nice people.

Chief Campa even commented below - "My full name is Jesus Eduardo Campa, but people have always called me Eddie. The reason that I have requested that my name be used in that manner was to make it easier on the community that I serve. Marshall is a diverse community with a rapidly growing Hispanic community and they feel more comfortable referring to me by my Spanish given name of Jesus Campa. Believe it or not a lot of English speaking people have a very difficult time saying Chief Jesus Campa. So they refer to me as Chief Eddie Campa. Many of you may not understand or agree with me on this but it really does make a difference when you work in a diverse community. I hope I answered your question."

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